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LRA: Crazy, Stupid, Love - Bluray Review

LRA writes: All popular genres are guilty of recycling but none more so than that of the romantic comedy. It seems as though every year we are graced with dozens of new films dealing with relationships and how they effect our everyday lives. But if there were one genre that needs to be examined from every possible angle I believe this is it because if there is one thing every single person on this planet deals with on a daily basis it is our incessant need to find that special someone. That one person with whom we can share our lives with, that one person we can laugh with, that one person we can count on to be there when everything seems lost. That one person can be our wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or even someone that is unclassifiable but regardless of what label they have they are our soulmate. Crazy, Stupid, Love is a film about soulmates and how despite all obstacles they are the one person that can make us feel whole despite their faults.

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