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Death and Return of Superman: The Movie

From A drunken rant featuring Frodo, Scotty and that chick from a Walk to Remember about one of the biggest events in comic history. Score.

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Soldierone3417d ago

I disagree with the initial statement. If I see Superman or Spider-man on a box, yeah it will spark my interest. But it isn't because its simply their picture, its what i know about them. I know Spider-Man has amazing stories, therefore I like Spider-Man. If you hand me a box with his picture, and inside it is a bunch of crap, I will be mad and tell the world "this isn't a Spider-Man thing"

mahmoods263417d ago

You're entitled to your opinion. However, I think the point he was trying to make was that from a character standpoint Superman as a character is so invincible and so infallible that making him human or interesting is all the more difficult. That's why so many writers have struggled with him for years, they killed his parents, his wife, his cousin and brought them all back. There was even an issue way back when in which DC portrayed the character sweating in a panel, a mistake they have not repeated since. There have been good writers with Superman stories but there are sooooo many bad ones as well.