Should You Bother Going to See The Phantom Menace 3D?

ClickOnline writes: "I’d like to be able to say that, in retrospect, it’s a perfectly watchable piece of CGI filled entertainment but it simply fails at almost every juncture."

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Garethvk3415d ago

Most studios would love to have movies that fail in every way yet gross over 350 million in the u.s. alone. while not great, still.good entertainment.

krazykombatant3415d ago

why would I watch this movie, when the whole 6 movies came out in Blu-Ray?!?!? 3D is a pathetic excuse for them to release this movie again.

alycakes3415d ago

3D doesn't make it better so why pay outrageous amounts of money just to make other people richer.

Best-Horror-Movies3415d ago

I want to go and see, it's been a long time since I have watched and I don't own the Blu-ray.

Soldierone3415d ago

Just a tip to the 3D haters, I don't like 3D either, but there is a reason to this.

Seeing movies that are "iconic" are awesome, seeing them in theaters is an even greater experience. I don't personally get excited for these 3D re-releases because they are "3D" I get excited because I want to see them on the big screen. personally I am most likely going to pass on Episode 1 and 2, but will be seeing the rest for sure.

My tip? MOST movie theaters will have a non-3D showing of these movies for you. Most of the time in the morning or early evening. Go see that if you absolutely hate 3D. It happens especially right now since they don't have a lot of blockbusters filling the theater.

DarkBlood3414d ago

thats pretty good statement in general to some it may seem like a waste of money since i already have the saga blu-ray set

but i only ever saw the third film on the big screen when i was younger i forgot when it came out at the time lol

and i want to see the rest on the big screen especially the last 3 films to get a feel of the 70's for which i will never know about since im only 20 years old etc etc

3D is just a bonus for me and would be the likely reason for seeing the third one again apart from the rest

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