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LRA: Chronicle - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Chronicle is a movie that given it's two principal hooks should not have worked at all. While we are still in the middle (or possible tail end) of the golden age of super hero movies, one cannot deny that the current over saturation of the market is starting to become a little stale. Sure that is mostly a case by case scenario but regardless, unless your super hero movie is either wrapping up a trilogy or features a beloved character it takes more than just another origin story to make it work. Then you have the found footage format which I have bitched about countless times before for drawing way too much attention away from the underlining story when we should be focused on the film at hand and not so much with how it was filmed. So with Chronicle being both yet another super hero origin story (one featuring unknown super heroes at that) and a found footage movie the odds were greatly stacked against it. Low and behold the power of great filmmaking for Chronicle has beaten the odds by taking two negatives and forging them into a spectacular positive.

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Soldierone3413d ago

What I put on TMP :
There are spoiler below, be warned:

Didn't like this movie at all. Was like following an emo brat everywhere that is still somehow the most depressed kid on the planet. Come on you can friggin fly and you still act like a whiny brat? He was crying every time he talked. the visuals were terrible for todays world too, they couldn't even make LEGO blocks look real. That and almost none of the visual effects had sound, find the scene with the LEGO's, when he drops the LEGO's after holding them in the air they don't make a sound when they hit, yet when he goes to pick one up they click and clank like they are supposed to. I'm just using this scene because its rather early on, not because it's the only example. More? When they fly they are clearly on wires, I didn't notice it first my GF did which shows how bad it was. Greenscreen was clearly used in several scenes. The visual can be summed up to "When high school kids figure out how they did the ghosts in Paranormal Activity and try to make a feature length movie out of it" and the scripting was so horrible I couldn't stand it anymore, it felt so generic beyond belief.

The one character I liked, they kill off before anything happens. They lead up to this big battle that lasts two seconds and ends horribly, and the emotion level sucked because no one developed. All we got "everyone hates me, im a punk emo kid and everyone hates me! OOh now I have powers and can throw a big temper tantrum with it! The end"

I know I'm not the only one. I watched 6 people leave the theater and not come back, I was so bored I started counting as I started noticing people leave. People were laughing with me because things looked so stupid (SPOILER most laughter came when they started flying). There was about 3 rows in the front that had tons of people falling asleep. I saw them lean over and put their head down, then at the end people were waking them up. I asked my GF midway "you liking this" and she replies "you suck at picking movies" lol

I normally absolutely love indie films, I loved Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity (2 and 3 at least) but this sucked. I don't know how it's getting high reviews, it was terrible and I wanted it to be awesome. I rather have a follow up to I Am Number 4, which was on of my favorite movies last year that released around this time.