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'Drive' Blu-Ray Review From Project-Blu

"Drive” was never meant to be your typical, where “Fast and the Furious” left off-type-of-flick, so it was more than a breath of fresh air to experience a film that brought a mesmerizing aesthetic to the car chase and caper film genre. There are several chase sequences along with some brutal violence, but the film slows down and gives the viewer time to take it all in.

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Soldierone3418d ago

I didn't like this movie. I like Ryan Gosling, but this movie was trying too hard to be something else. I really loved a lot of the camera shots and the main character had some intrigue.

However I don't know if its because i'm a 90's kid or what, but the whole 80's stuff totally lost me. I didn't like the music or 80's style to it, would have been an awesome movie without it pushing that.

Plus the writing was so weird. I don't know if it was aimed to be a stereotypical action flick with no story, or a movie trying to have a story. Hardly any characters developed and the "amazing elevator" scene seemed like it could have been better. Especially with the lighting effects taking place.