Jason Statham to Star in Brian De Palma’s New Adaptation of William Goldman’s Novel 'Heat'

The Collider:
Brian De Palma is set to direct Jason Statham in a new adaptation of William Goldman‘s novel/screenplay Heat. The action-thriller will have Statham (his role originally played by Burt Reynolds) playing a recovering gambling addict who works protection gigs to pay the bills. He refuses to use guns in dealing with foes and resorts to using his fists and edged weapons (Statham-y!). When his friend is beaten by a high-roller, he helps her get revenge, which puts him in even more danger. I bet he’ll decide to pick up a gun at some point.

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alycakes3416d ago

I like some Burt Reynolds old movies...Heat was one of them. This will be a good one for Jason Statham to make. I'm looking forward to it.