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'The River' Premiere Lays Out Scares Familiar and Foreign to the Amazon

THR Live Feed:
Ahead of the Tuesday debut, creator Oren Peli describes the type of tension in store for the ABC horror series in an extended clip.

For viewers who've only gleaned quick camera movements and screams from the early previews of The River, ABC wants them to know there's more at play in the spooky series from Paranormal Activity creator Oren Peli.

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alycakes3419d ago

I have to watch this today. I had to record it so I could watch my regular stuff. I would never miss my NCIS,NCIS LA, and Justified for anything or anyone so today I'll catch up after some dumb dr. appts.

alycakes3415d ago

I finally saw this and it was really good. I hope they keep the suspense and drama up so they can keep the fan base going. It's a good show but there is a lot to a show like this that has to be done just right or it will flop.