'American Psycho' Producers to Take on 'The Vatican Connection'

Chris Hanley and Edward Pressman have re-optioned rights to Richard Hammer's controversial conspiracy book about the death of Pope John Paul I.

Chris Hanley (American Psycho), John Penotti (Awake), Jeff Most (The Crow) and Bob DeBrino (Find Me Guilty) are set to produce an adaptation of Richard Hammer's controversial book The Vatican Connection. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps producer Edward Pressman (American Psycho) will be an executive producer on the project.

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alycakes3416d ago

This should be an interesting story. I haven't read the book but maybe I should before the movie comes out. I would be interested in what they think the conspiracy was...after all the Pope was very old,very sick and had been for some years...he was look very frail for some time like he'd been having mini strokes or something like that so I think I read this book.