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The Wolverine Finally Gets a Release Date

From TMP:

Following a pretty bumpy road, filled with delays and even the need for a replacement director, it looks like things are back on track for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine follow-up. Fox has finally given the film a release date.

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aDDicteD3414d ago

yup origins was awful and they have a lot of redeeming to make up to get the fans watching this one

DarkBlood3414d ago

the article is right alot of superhero films coming out that year too man of steel and the wolverine being the ones i look forward too the most

alycakes3414d ago

I kinda liked Origins. Then again to me Hugh Jackman can do no wrong so don't get me started. However, if they keep releaseing these movies later and later one day I'm going to find myself too old to go see them....darn...a year and a half away.

darklordzor3413d ago

Ha! While I agree that I like Hugh Jackman, Origins was too much of a mess. I guess as a mindless popcorn flick, it's not bad, but overall it's not memorable either and just brought the franchise as a whole down.

tunaks13412d ago

I also enjoyed Origins, but I went in with no expectations.

MySwordIsHeavenly3414d ago

I don't understand all the hate for Origins. I never have. Sure, the budget didn't allow for the best SFX, but it was a very solid movie. I don't freaking CARE that they screwed up Deadpool.

xVeZx3413d ago

i dont know how they can mess up wolverines origins but they kinda did...

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