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Rumor: The Walking Dead Huge Spoilers Revealed?

A person claiming to be a member of The Walking Dead crew posted about what was going to happen in the second half of season 2.

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HellrazorMike3419d ago

I don't think so, or at least I hope not. Thanks for sharing..

xVeZx3419d ago

i believe that that is going to happen

FlashXIII3419d ago

Isn't this based on graphic novels? So technically wouldn't it be hard to "spoil" the general story?

HellrazorMike3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

The TV show has not followed the graphic novels 100% and I bet a lot of the fans of the TV show don't follow the graphic novel series. Just a guess. I don't at least.

Kingdom Come3419d ago

Unfortunately, I believe it may be true. After looking through the official titles and synopsis' for the final Six Episodes of the Season, Episode 5, "Better Angels", has Shane, Rick, Carl ad Glen looking for "a Dangerous Man", most likely in the woods, and Episode six, "By the Dying Fire", only makes reference to Rick and Carl returning to the farm.

It's a shame, being someone of who has been a reader of the books since before the show began, I appreciate the change in approach regarding Shane, Berthnal has always been a fantastic actor but has particularly shined in "The Walking Dead" and has made Shane my favourite character. Hopefully we are proven incorrect and the show continues to move away from books, making it more difficult to predict events.

SPOILERS: If Shane dies in Episode 5 and the man he claimed to be loose is the Governor, I'd expect the farm to get attacked by him and Lori die. Just a guess.

Soldierone3419d ago


Dangit I don't want to see Glen die! Or his newfound girlfriend lol, why don't they switch him out with Andrea?

Also not digging the "searching for mysterious man" dont tell me its another 6 episodes of them searching for somebody and she ends up in a shed....

Best-Horror-Movies3418d ago

Good points Kingdom Come, thanks for sharing that insight.

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