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'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Frees Bloodsuckers To Be Evil Again

It’s bizarre enough to imagine a world where our nation’s 16th president walks among vampires; thankfully, we don’t have to see him harboring a secret crush on one of them, too.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (out June 22) arrives at time when the scariest thing about bloodsuckers is how tame they’ve become. For decades they were merciless, seductive, and bloodthirsty villains, but now they’re more commonly seen as the sparkling, waifish, and weepy heroes of YA romantic chick-lit.

Look at this picture of ol’ Honest Abe: He’s mad as hell! And he’s not going to take it anymore, Stephenie Meyer! YAAARRGHH!

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alycakes3415d ago

Now this is a movie I've been curious about since the first time I heard about it. It's a wierd plot to say the least but fun to imagine.....I still just don't see it yet. This is so strange and seeing the pictures is making it a little better. I guess if I think about Interview with the took place way back when so it wasn't too far fetched....but still Abraham Lincoln?

DarkBlood3414d ago

ah that movie you mention was a good one id like to call that an era where vampires truly were scary with a good story behind it, of course i was young then so id need to see that again to see where i stand with it now

alycakes3414d ago

It is one of the best vampire movies I've ever seen. It was very well done and the way it was told to the reporter and played by Christian was just different and it stays with you for a while once you see it.

MySwordIsHeavenly3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Oh, good. Another preview that makes fun of Twilight.

Just...brilliant. -_-