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Redbox Is Making a Streaming Subscription Service, And Teaming Up With Verizon To Do It

From TMP:

So it's finally happened. After months of waiting, we'll finally get to here more about Redbox's plans to move into the streaming/subscription service game. It was only a matter of time before Redbox, arguably Netflix's biggest competitor, moved into the online market. Now Redbox finally has, and has brought on a friend to help them: the biggest cell phone company in the United States of America—Verizon Wireless.

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MinimeJer053419d ago

Watch out Netflix! I'm hoping this takes off because having 1 company doing streaming and controlling the prices sucks. The more options we have the cheaper the price and harder they'll fight to gain our business.

Soldierone3419d ago

Amazon is jumping in further too.

Also Redbox just bought out Blockbuster Kiosks, so they are obviously on the hunt.