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New Trailer For The Amazing Spider-Man

Sony has released a dazzling new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man tonight and it's sure to excite fans.

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darklordzor3414d ago

I'm encouraged. I really like how Peter is back to being a wise-cracking superhero like he is in the comics. The only thing that really worries me is The Lizard. The design overall isn't bad, he just looks too cartoony.

It's almost like the VFX aren't completely done on him. With 5 months to go, they may not be and could still be working on it. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

alycakes3414d ago

This trailer looks really good...a lot better than I expected. I am relieved in a way because I've had my doubts all along on this one. I also like the way it flows and the dry sense of humor. Couldn't really see the lizard very well so can't really say much on that but it is going to be a big winner at the box office.

aDDicteD3414d ago

at 2:11 lizard gets a kick by spidey ^_^,, well it is looking good, very nice trailer

TheHip143414d ago

Looks so much better than Raimi's version

alycakes3414d ago

It really does look good....I'm so ready for all these movies to get going.

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