The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Preview: The Lizard And A Sarcastic Peter Parker Revealed

CB - Even with barely any footage to show, The Amazing Spider-Man made the biggest splash at San Diego Comic Con last summer thanks to a surprise, heartfelt appearance from Peter Parker himself, Andrew Garfield. But with one of the most anticipated movies of the summer to promote, Sony staged their own version of Comic Con again today, staging 13 live events around the world in which fans (and press, of course) were invited to get an early look at the new trailer and a sizzle reel of footage, some of it unfinished, for the film itself. The trailer premieres at 12 am PST tomorrow morning, and the sizzle reel had a lot in common with the footage shown off at Comic Con over the summer. But there were also a few surprises in store for the screaming fans, many of whom started lining up at 7 a.m. this morning to get a look at the footage.

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alycakes3418d ago

This is an awesome trailer....another day that my husband can take off work.