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L.A. Times Reviews 'The Voice' : Season 2 Premiere Spins Us Around

LA Times's Amy Reiter Writes:
It took me all of about a minute to understand why everyone is all excited about NBC's "The Voice," a show I didn't watch last year, in its inaugural season, apart from a few late-season clips on YouTube. What took me so long? I don't know. I guess I felt like my plate was already heaped with televised singing, since I also recap "Glee," "American Idol," "The X Factor" and "America's Got Talent" for Show Tracker.

But I had no idea what I was missing until tuning in after the Super Bowl for Sunday night's Season 2 premiere (Part 2 of the premiere airs Monday night). Now that I've hit my button and turned my thronelike chair around to behold its parade of talent and entertaining judge interplay (The judges have to compete for the contestants' affection, just as the contestants have to compete for theirs? Genius!), well, I'm standing up and applauding, maybe reaching over and hitting another judge's button. ... You get the idea. I'm pleased to be tasked with recapping it...

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alycakes3422d ago

If you have should listen to a little of each one of these people that got chosen last night on the show. This is the only reality show I watch. I like it because it's different than the others. It doesn't take as long because they've already gone thru many of the processes and weeded out most of the bad ones so you're going to hear mostly good singers.

The way they do the competition is also better I's a little more challenging but still better and quicker.

alycakes3421d ago

I watched the rest of the premiere which was 2 hrs on Monday and it was really good. Like I said this show goes by fast so the 4 teams are chosen pretty quick then the 4 teams perform against each other until only 1 is left on each team....very simple.

The only bad part about it is that they are all very good so it is a really tuff job to choose who wins.