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Ksenia Solo Talks Lost Girl, Locke & Key and Black Swan

The Collider:
On the drama series Lost Girl, airing Mondays on Syfy, actress Ksenia Solo plays Kenzi, a con artist and thief, who is extremely street-smart and resourceful. She is the only true confidante of Bo (Anna Silk), a Succubus that feeds off the sexual energy of humans, and her wide array of contacts makes her very useful. Regardless of the darkness in her past, Kenzi’s focus is now on protecting Bo from a world that will never understand her as well as she does.

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alycakes3417d ago

I've been watching a little of this new show and although I haven't quite got the whole story yet and don't understand what's going on, it looks pretty good. I wish I had started from the first episode but I guess I can go back on the PC and watch it so I can understand it a little more.