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Hey Marvel, Make These Five Comic Book Movies for the Horror Fans

STYD writes:
Marvel comics' Johnny Blaze is returning to the big screen this month when Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance arrives on February 17th. Being comic book fans here at Shock Till You Drop, we thought now would be a good time to take a look at some other Marvel characters worthy of a cinematic interpretation that aren't exactly "boy scouts."

Inside, you'll find a look at some of the other popular horror-themed Marvel characters we want to see in films and how they could be pulled off on the big screen.

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JL3421d ago

Carnage as a villain would be great. Especially if it combined elements of Se7en like mentioned here. That would make for a really awesome superhero movie if the writing was done well.

Also, gotta say I love the idea of seeing a Marvel Zombies movie, too. Sure, won't happen probably, but it would indeed be pretty awesome.

DarkBlood3420d ago

if i had 2 billion dollars and offered to have the marvel zombies movie made, would they accept the offer or decline because they dont want to so called "ruin" the pg 13 image?

QuodEratDemonstrandm3420d ago

I'm not sure any of these will ever happen. Given Marvel's tendency towards PG-13 and the fact that PG-13 and horror go together like blasting caps and strawberry Jell-O.

Kind of a shame, too. I'd like to see that Carnage movie.

alycakes3420d ago

Some of those would be pretty good but I thought they were doing a Dr.Strange or maybe they changed their minds and decided not to. The Zombie movie would also be a good doubt they would have a big fan base for that.

NovusTerminus3420d ago

Never heard of the Midnight Sons... But I would so watch that movie!

Also Carnage FTW!

Scribe813420d ago

Dr. Strange would be cool. Liked the animated film that came out a few years ago, always thought film version would be cool.

Deadpool6163420d ago

starring Johnny Depp as Dr. Strange.

Scribe813419d ago

Hehe, hadn't thought actors, but yeah, he'd fit the bill pretty exact. If you've seen the movie The Ninth Gate, he basically already looks like Dr. Strange in that movie, with a little white in his hair even, lol.

FlashXIII3420d ago

Lmfao Marvel horror movie.. how would that work? Marvel/Hollywood make movies for $$$ and making a horror movie would just cost them all those child cinema tickets.

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