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'This Means War': Chris Pine, Tom Hardy In 9-Minute Video Preview

Digital Spy:
This Means War sees Star Trek's Chris Pine and The Dark Knight Rises' Tom Hardy play CIA agents who vie for the affections of Reese Witherspoon.

In a new 9-minute sneak peek at the action-comedy, we get a glimpse at the lengths Pine's FDR and Hardy's Tuck will go to to impress Witherspoon's Lauren - this includes sneaking into her apartment, getting to know the work of artist Gustav Klimt and cutting loose on the paintball battlefield.

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alycakes3422d ago

I'm not going to see this for the romance or Reese Witherspoon but I think I'm going to go see this for the action and comedy betweent he two idiot guys fighting over her....they are going to be very funny and the action shots look pretty good...not to mention that I really like Tom Hardy anyway. This looks more like an action comedy to me anyway.

Christopher3421d ago

I like both of them, but yeah, not watching for Witherspoon at all. They could throw anyone else in that role and I'd still just watch for the two guys 'pranking' each other.

darklordzor3421d ago

I can't say why...but I really want to see this. Something about it just looks fun, and not a typical rom-com. Who knows, it may be as generic as it comes, but I think it has some potential.

alycakes3421d ago

Yeah, like I said it's one of those that you can see just for don't have to think or focus because there's a puzzle to figure out or anything confusing about's just going to be a lot of action and funny stupid stuff that the guys will do to each other.

There are times when you just need to sit back and just relax and just have a good laugh and enjoy.