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Sigourney Weaver Says She’s Read Early Drafts Of Avatar 2 And 3, Will Appear In Both

Bleeding Cool:
The original Avatar was a long time coming, and a lot of James Cameron‘s fans had read his detailed scriptment some years before the picture even went into production. Things are moving much more quickly on the sequels. I’m sure this is in part because the technology is now at a level where Cameron’s ideas are possible; I suspect it has just as much to do with Fox hurrying up their return to the incredibly rich Bank of Pandora.

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alycakes3416d ago

I guess it's good that's she's going to be in both of them. I liked the first one but I didn't think it was the awesome movie that some people thought it was....I mean I didn't get as much out of it I guess....maybe it was just me.

Blink_443415d ago

Avatar was so overrated

alycakes3414d ago

Well....I guess it wasn't just me.

3414d ago