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5 Reasons Why The Resident Evil Movies Stink

The fifth Resident Evil film is set to hit cinemas this November. Unfortunately, while this series is a commercial success it has been running on empty, creatively. Let’s look at 5 reasons where it all went wrong.

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darklordzor3383d ago

Only 5? Surely you could have thought of more ;)

alycakes3383d ago

Okay guys.....I liked them. I admit the last one wasn't so hot but I really liked the first 3. I'm hoping this one makes up for the last one.

I like it when a hot chick can kick ass! It's really the only zombie movie I really liked with the exception of Zombieland of course. Then I like The Walking Dead on tv and I will go see World War to read the book first.

aDDicteD3381d ago

100% true! LOL only first was nice and anything else failed