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Breaking: Harrison Ford In Early Talks For Ridley Scott's New 'Blade Runner'

Is Deckard coming back?

In March of 2011 word broke that Alcon Entertainment and Warner Brothers had teamed up to return to the world of Ridley Scott's classic scifi Blade Runner. In following weeks Scott himself would sign on to direct the project - it is widely expected to be Scott's next project after Prometheus, though he's got a number in the works so scheduling could always change - but the official line has always been that Scott would be the only returning alumni, that the plan was a completely fresh reboot.

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alycakes3418d ago

It only makes sense to bring him on if only at the begining for something...after all...Blade Runner would not have made it without Harrison Ford.

MWH3417d ago

it is also Rutger Hauer's emplifying performance that elevated Blade Runner to it's classic stature. in my opinion he outperformed Ford.

alycakes3416d ago

I don't remember if he died or not at the end...haven't seen it in a long time but I do remember his performance and it also was very good. I remember them fighting at the end but I remember Harrison Ford going to look for the girl at the end also but I don't remember how it ended exactly.....may have to see it again in the near future.

eak33417d ago

I'm a bit skeptical. Harrison Ford has done much of nothing for a long time. Air Force One was his last great flick. Cowboys and Aliens was ok but nothing special. I will still see this though if this rumour turns out accurate.

Anti-Fanboyer3416d ago

The relationship between Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott wasn't exactly mutual on the set of Blade Runner. I doubt Ford would want to do it again, and I doubt Scott would want to cast him anyway considering his careers going down the shit hole and he can barely act. He's still playing the Indian Jones persona.

MilkMan3416d ago

This smells more of Harrison looking for sh!t to do. Ridley can easily make this movie without him and like Anti-Fanboyer said, the relationship not only between Director and actor was shaky but between the cast as well was horrendous.

Id ditch Harrison and move on to somebody else. He adds nothing new, or different to the show, and he is not pivotal to the success of, of the mythos of the story.

The play is the thing.

maniacmayhem3416d ago

Wasn't Ford's character suppose to be a reploid/robot also?

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