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If I Were to Cast a Justice League Movie

Arcee - So as I am sitting here watching the preview for the upcoming Avengers mo vie, I started thinking to myself “If the Avengers movie works out and is successful, would DC
 then try to do a Justice League movie?” I know that idea had been thrown around a lot over the past ten years, but nothing has really come of it so far except for some of theWarner Premiere home releases featuring theLeague. Still, if DC were to do a Justice Leaguemovie, my next thought was of who would be cast in what roles? So I started going over actors and actresses who could play some of these iconic parts and came up with a few selections.

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KingPin3417d ago

how about instead of f%^king up the entire comic book franchise you make this a FULL CGI movie instead and cast the voice actors of each cartoon character.

and looking by the recent cgi movies <Tintin come to mind> you might not even know the difference if its live action or cgi.

DarkBlood3417d ago

thats true but it doesnt take long for someone to notice the difference afterwards that tintin movie commerical had me fooled for a second but that was based on the shots of certain scenes

Arcee3417d ago

That's actually not a bad thought. I would still use my cast here for the mocap and likenesses, but a full CGI film for the Justice League isn't a bad idea at all.

alycakes3417d ago

I would love to see a Justice League movie. I've always wanted to see that. When Smallville was on I was hoping that they would do a spinoff of the Justice League or something like that because I felt like they needed to keep them going somehow.

CrimsonEngage3416d ago

The only way this would work is if they go away from the "dark themes" like the Batman movies and go more towards actual comic themes like Marvel is doing.

I might be the only one but I love the Marvel moves a lot more than DC movies. I don't like the Batman movies because they are too dark and realistic where as Iron-Man, Hulk and The Avengers are real colorful and best represent the actual comics.

The batman films have absolutely NO supernatural aspects to it. It's a crime thriller where Marvel movies are comic movies.

The only DC movie that i'v liked (with the exception of the first two Superman movies) is Green Lantern. It felt like a comic book.

Batman might rake in a lot of $$$ but I don't find them as entertaining. They are good movies and I like them, but they don't hold a candle to Marvel at the moment. (OPINION by the way)

Here's hopping that the new Superman movie "Man of Steel" is less of a love movie with a focus on Louis Lane and more of Superman beating the hell out of bad guys.