Branko Lustig And Daniela Cretu Launch First Born Films With Drug Queenpin Biopic

Branko Lustig and Daniela Cretu have launched a new film production company. First Born Films gets off the ground with The Godmother, the true story of Griselda Blanco, who is also known as “The Godmother of Cocaine” and “Black Widow,” who became the first and only woman in history to head a major Colombian drug network. Lustig and Cretu have made a life rights deal with Blanco and her family, and also her youngest son Michael Corleone (named from The Godfather character) for a film that chronicles the rise and fall of the woman who became the wealthiest, deadliest, most notorious and most wanted drug lord in the world. Her exploits were chronicled in the documentary Cocaine Cowboys 2.

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alycakes3421d ago

This is very interesting. I had no idea that this person existed. I will have to look her up and read up on it.