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'Mission: Impossible 4' Becomes Tom Cruise's Top-Grossing Film

In a career high for Tom Cruise, Paramount's Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol crossed $400 million at the international box office on Friday for a global total of $603.5 million, the actor's biggest number yet.

That bests the $591.7 million earned by Cruise starrer War of the Worlds, directed by Steven Spielberg.

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alycakes3075d ago

This is great news for him. I remember when they dropped him after making MI3 whoever was producing the movie then because of the conflicts that he caused in the news during that time. Now with his own production company he's doing better...he's made up with all the people he offended and almost all is well with can't make everyone happy all the time.

GanjaMan3074d ago

yh but he's still a weird ass scientologist who has no foreskin (apparently you have to cut off your foreskin to join) :S

Flavor3074d ago

Most men in the western world have no foreskin.. its called circumcision. Just saying.

GanjaMan3073d ago

hahahaa why!? its basically like saying im going to cut all my nails off from my fingers and toes but worse. who the fuck would want to cut there foreskin off? its disgusting and you would last less less longer when having sex because the penis would have no protection so it would be very sensitive which equals much quicker ejaculation times.

krazykombatant3073d ago

Movie was pretty damn good, but to be honest the intesity at the end was just a bit too much overkill.

alycakes3073d ago

Like I can't make everyone happy and everyone does have a right to their own opinion.

3073d ago