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CinemaBlend Reviews Chronicle

CB - It's not hard to link the recent spate of "found footage" films to the phenomenon of YouTube-- more and more people are video taping their daily lives, so why not pretend some actual interesting stories popped up in there? But few found-footage films actually recreate the circumstances in which most people, kids especially, whip out the video camera. Whether bored at home and in the mood to spill his guts, or recording some particularly awesome stunt in the backyard with his pals, Chronicle's lead character Andrew (Dane DeHaan) establish a real reason to have the camera front and center, making this low-budget superpowers adventure feel more honest and intimate from the very start.

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alycakes3417d ago

I know I won't be seeing this one.

MySwordIsHeavenly3417d ago

I'm hearing great things from everyone who isn't still in Jr. High, so I'm excited! I go to one of the ten colleges in the US that won an advanced screening last Wednesday, but I didn't get there in time. :/

Blink_443416d ago

This was a really cool movie!