Why Ghosts Are Scariest

In a recent article on PsyhcologyToday, Steven Schlozman (Associate Director of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry for Harvard Medical School) discussed the psychological reason for why ghosts are the scariest of all monsters; scarier than zombies, werewolves and even vampires. Is this true? let's take a look.

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Blink_443420d ago

I think ghosts are scarier because people like me actually believe in them, unlike vampires werewolves and zombies.

alycakes3420d ago

I believe in them too very seriously. I know spirits are earth bound sometimes and I know that I have in fact experienced that so I can't ignore or laugh at someone that says anything about believing in ghosts.

You either do or you don' each their own.

Blink_443420d ago

My uncle owns a house that's over 100 years old and we took some pictures of the inside of the house and these white orbs were everywhere, it was pretty spooky.

I believe vin aliens too but that's a totally different story :)

Paulh823419d ago

I always forgt houses in America are generally quite new. My house here in England is like 400 years old lol, I havent tried to find any ghosts in it though

reznik_zerosum3420d ago

Newby Church ghost,not a fake believe it or not !