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Haywire Review - Boolean Flix

"Steven Soderbergh is best known for directing such films as Ocean’s Eleven and Contagion. His latest directorial piece, Haywire, is a very stripped back action flick, following Mallory’s (Gina Carino) fight to prove her innocence after being setup by the organisation she’s employed with. From there, a manhunt is formulated, prompting Mallory to seek revenge and protect her father from any threat that may come his way. With the recent trend in female assassins/spys (Hanna, Columbiana), will Haywire go in all guns blazing or linger in the shadows?" - Boolean Flix

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alycakes3416d ago

I think sometimes you just have to take the good with the bad on the movies you make. Soderberg knows that this one didn't quite make the grade and he wasn't happy about it when they asked him....he said he was disappointed but it wasn't a total loss.