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'Bridget Jones 3' In Trouble As Script Issues Prompt Delay

You romantic comedy fans should sit down before you read this one! The 'Bridget Jones' team may be sidelined for sometime while issues with the script are worked out. This also has not been the first delay for 'Bridget Jones 3' even. Read on to see what is happening in the rom-com universe.

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darklordzor3424d ago

Good! There's absolutely no need to revisit this one. Sure the first movie was fine, but the second was pointless. A third is just beating a dead horse...a horse who was already past his prime.

DarkBlood3423d ago

wow didnt know they had this in the works ish, well hope this comes to fruiton i know my mom would like to see this one

alycakes3423d ago

I enjoyed the first two but darklordzor is right...there is no need for another one.