The LRA Show Ep. 40 - The Grey

LRA writes: We are joined once again by Mr. James (I'm not the singer) Blunt for this week's main film, the new Liam Neeson action(?) flick The Grey. During our discussion we delve into how trailers can and often do skew our expectations for the film they are selling us, that James isn't a fan of Jehovah witnesses despite them loving him, how both Brian and I failed to heed our own warnings about leaving the theater before the credits end and how it was both a blessing and a curse that we never actually got to see Liam Neeson punch any wolves. James also gives his thoughts on the new BBC series Sherlock and I talk a little bit about the romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love as well as my Netflix Instant Stream Movie of the Week. Featured music this week is from "The Grey" motion picture soundtrack.

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