Bloodbath: Which Films Risk Being The Blockbuster Casualties Of 2012

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Almost eighteen months ago, actor-turned-filmmaker Jon Favreau predicted that the summer of 2011 was "...going to be a bloodbath. There's never been a summer like this next summer. It's going to be bloody...There's not a weekend where there won't be teeth on the floor. The audience wins, but it's going to be rough for people making these movies. Then there was the big rush to 3D, so you have all of these people fighting for a limited number of screens and to get the 3D done, since most of these are hybrids or conversions, so this is a technology that is still in the relatively early stages and there's going to be a lot of blood pressures going up in the months ahead."

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alycakes3421d ago

There are some of these that won't make it at the box office but for the most part I think they will do what they expect to do. They aren't all blockbusters that is for sure but there's only a very few that will fail completely.