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Movie Guide: The Best & Worst Found Footage Movies

The media keeps telling us that “found footage” films are in, however, they never went out. Taking off at the box office in the ‘90s with the immensely profitable The Blair Witch Project, found footage films have been a mainstay ever since. Media awareness of found footage reached another peak in 2007 with the release of Paranormal Activity.

Contributing to the media obsession was the fact that Paranormal Activity made a killing at the box office, bringing in close to $200 million (estimated worldwide gross) while being made on an estimated budget of only $15 thousand. It’s no surprise that countless imitators have come along since, looking to get a piece of the action. The unfortunate thing is that, now, everyone with a handy cam thinks they can be the next Tarantino.

Shock Till You Drop takes a look at the best and worst found footage films and film you in as to who got it right and who got it terribly, terribly wrong.

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