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Gina Carano Interview: Haywire, The Expendables 3, Star Wars and MMA

Den of Geek writes:
I nervously anticipated my interview with Gina Carano. I love action films and getting the chance to talk to a rising star from this genre would have been exciting enough, but I’ve been a fan of Carano as an MMA fighter for years now.

My nerves, then, were primarily due to excitement, but there were a couple of other things that were putting me on edge.

Someone whose day job is to punch people in the face might not make the friendliest interview subject, I considered. Not to mention that I’m an idiot who likes to ask silly questions, questions which someone who is well versed in throat-choking might not appreciate being asked. I felt physically safe, at least, as we’d be separated by a quite sizable ocean when the interview took place, but still.

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DarkBlood3425d ago

and it goes without saying: i cant wait for the third expendables film lol

SnakeCQC3425d ago

when did the second one come out?

No_Pantaloons3425d ago

I used to be a huge Gina Carano fan, but like many others I now could care less. Sure she used to be the face of womens mma, but by vanishing for years after her first loss she left a bad taste in the mouth of fans, even more so by announcing a fight then backing out right before without so much as an explanation why. Now all the hype about her becoming a movie star is tired and irrelevant, like her career in mma.

Maybe the movie is decent, i haven't seen it yet. But it appears to be tailored to her as opposed to her acting a part which seems like a poor way to earn acting credentials.

alycakes3425d ago

The movie was taylored for her but it was plain to see that she had no acting experience. The movie plot was a good one, the other actors in the movie were good actors, the director was a great director but all that could not take away the fact that she couldn't act.

She can beat the crap out of anyone and the fight scenes were awesome but I think the movie just didn't deliver because of the lack of follow thru on her acting. I hope she's getting lessons if she's going to continue to act in these other films coming up.