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Five Great Movies: Harry Potter Alumni

CO - All eyes are on The Woman in Black this weekend to see if Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will have a movie career now that the J.K. Rowling franchise is over. We think he will, even if The Woman in Black kinda sucked. But it does call attention to the cinematic careers of everyone in Harry Potter’s sprawling ensemble cast. Did you know that all those teachers, villains and supporting actors in your favorite fantasy series actually had careers outside of Harry Potter? It’s true, and this week on Five Great Movies we’re taking a look at the careers of the franchise’s illustrious alumni.

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alycakes3420d ago

I think he's a great actor and he's not going to be type cast as Harry Potter at all. He has a completely different look in this movie and the first time I saw the trailer I almost couldn't tell it was him.

He's also done other film and broadway so he's on his way to a great career doing all types of movies.