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Is Ghostbusters 3 Back On? Starring Jonah Hill & Kristen Bell?

CBM says

Kristen Bell and Jonah Hill just few days ago lit a fire under Ghostbusters 3 rumor mill when they both posted images of the Ecto-1 and cryptic messages to boot. Last we heard Bill Murray had shredded the script and Dan Aykroyd wasn't gonna give up on the project even if he couldn't get Murray back as Peter Venkman. While Bell and Jonah are no strangers they have appeared in two movies, but only had brief scenes together in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She also had a small cameo in Get Him to the Greek where she made a brief cameo as Sarah Marshall.

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alycakes3419d ago

Who knows but both are very funny people so it would work.

krazykombatant3419d ago

as long as bill murray is there i have no problem.

2pacalypsenow3418d ago

meh dont ruin the franchise leave it alone please

leathers1233418d ago

For the love of god not Jonah Hill..... hate that guy