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Shock Till You Drop Review: The Woman in Black

"Loud" does not equal "scary." That’s something no one seemed to have told director James Watkins before he embarked on The Woman in Black, a film that is being described as an old school ghost story. And yes, it is indeed old school; however, it all too often relies on tiresome modern scare tactics to the point where it becomes laughable.

Seasoned horror fans will find themselves filled with ennui and creating a mental checklist of every genre trope imaginable the film calls upon - usually with ear-piercing vigor. Newcomers to fright fare – and I imagine that is this PG-13 film’s draw – will likely enjoy the supernatural assault it offers and seeing former Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, pushing his way through a house of horrors.

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alycakes3417d ago

That's not a very good rating from them. I guess it doesn't matter. Everyone has their own opinion and that's okay. I have to see this movie.