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LRA: The Grey - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Given the fact that we are in the January dumping grounds it is very easy to give a film like The Grey a gut reaction positive review without much thought. What I would like to do here is give my general impressions on why the film worked for me but there is something I need to get out of the way first. You see, I liked the movie, quite a lot actually but the experience was nearly ruined by whom ever it was responsible for the films marketing campaign. Other than a key moment depicted in the trailer this film is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to see a story about a disparate group of strangers fighting to survive amidst some unruly conditions. I wanted to see a story about how these strangers learn to work together and support one another against all the odds set against them. The Grey delivers that and actually went above and beyond the call of duty in some respects but I'll be damned if that trailer didn't work its way into my subconscious and get me ready for somethi...

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