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9 Untold Secrets of the High Stakes 'Hunger Games'

From budgets and salaries, to the accident that sent star Jennifer Lawrence to the hospital, the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter features director Gary Ross and never-revealed details about the fast-approaching pop culture phenomenon, in theaters March 23.

The first of four parts in Suzanne Collins' massively popular book series The Hunger Games, about two dozen children randomly chosen to compete for survival, opens March 23 on more than 4,000 screens across the country. The film's reception could determine whether its stars — Jennifer Lawrence, 21; Josh Hutcherson, 19; and Liam Hemsworth, 22 — ascend to Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson-Taylor Lautner superstardom and fill the gap opening as Twilight heads toward its final chapter.

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alycakes3419d ago

This is a very interesting article. I knew some of it but not all...I didn't know about the goodness!

I knew about the heat and the accidents and all but not about the cost or how much they paid them. You know some of the big actors get tons of money for the movies they make but these guys here....I don't think they got enough for what they had to go thru.