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IGN - Justified: "Harlan Roulette" Review

IGN - Mags Bennett was an awesome villain last year. What Justified does well that many shows don't is create a tension between heroes (or antiheroes) and villains that's so far under the surface that these people treat each other with such great respect in public settings. Mags (and Raylan as well) had that and also a greater understanding of what was at stake in Harlan County through her political posturing and moves.

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alycakes3426d ago

This was a good one too but of course all these are good. It really doesn't matter which week you watch they will all be good episodes.

I don't know exactly where all this is going yet but I know that in the end the bad guys might as well go home because they will end up dead if they don't....well.....except for that Boyd Crowder...sometimes I just don't know about him but last night he described himself the best way that anyone could and he is all those things. The problem is you never know which one he is from day to day.