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Eva Green Talks Finding Love In 'Perfect Sense' & Her "Electric" Role In 'Dark Shadows'

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What would happen if we not only lost our ability to communicate with the world around us, but with the people in our life, in the most basic, fundamental way? That's the question at the heart of David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense." Starring Eva Green and Ewan McGregor, the story follows the promising new relationship between two young lovers, just as a virus is sweeping the Earth, one that causes those infected to lose their senses gradually, one at at time. And as that ability to interact with the world and one another diminshes, the methods that remain to communicate become all the more vital and important.

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alycakes3426d ago

I like Eva Green a lot and her accent so when she does a movie I expect her to be using it. I'm sure she'll be doing that in Dark Shadows but sometimes it required that they change it.