Director Gareth Evans Talks 'The Raid', the Sequel 'Berandal', and 'Raid' Trilogy at Sundance 2012

The Collider:
Let me be very clear: director Gareth Evans’ The Raid, an Indonesian martial arts epic that tracks a SWAT team sweeping through a highrise infested with drug dealers, is a phenomenal action movie that demands to be seen. Thankfully, Sony Pictures Classics will be releasing it on March 23, so everyone needs to circle their calendars right now. Trust me, once you see this, you’ll understand why every critic at TIFF and last week’s Sundance Film Festival was raving. It also explains why Screen Gems acquired the remake rights. It’s really that good.

While at Sundance I was able to sit down with Evans for an extended interview. We talked about getting The Raid into both TIFF and Sundance, getting the project financed, how they pulled off the action scenes, film vs. digital, and the American remake.

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alycakes3423d ago

I heard this was a great film. I know it's full of blood and violence but some of those still can have a good story behind them. I will wait until I see it to make my judgement.