12 Films to Watch in February 2012

CO - We all know that January is where Hollywood dumps its crapburgers – although we did better than usual this year, thanks to Haywire and The Grey – but February usually brings some of the more interesting genre films of the year, and each of them has an actual shot at finding an audience, thanks to the lack of mega blockbusters. This year is no exception. Even your Valentine’s Day offering has gunfights in it. Here are the top 12 films competing for your heard-earned dollars this month, and our advice on how to spend that currency wisely. Sneak preview: The Phantom Menace 3D doesn’t qualify.

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alycakes3422d ago

I'll pass on Journey 2, and probably Wanderlust, I'll probably try to catch Ghost Rider, Underworld, Rampart, Safe House This Means War...haven't got to Underworld yet.