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Crave Online: 'The Whistleblower' Blu-ray Review

CO - If you’re a fan of the Lifetime Movie Network’s Human Trafficking miniseries from a couple years back and are feeling hungry for even more harrowing melodrama about outraged ministers of justice staring unflinchingly into the black, gaping abyss of unspeakable human degradation, then January is your lucky month, because 20th Century Fox has just released a Blu-ray of its recent, based-on-a-true-story sex trafficking caper, The Whistleblower. The film’s source material has its merits, and it’s definitely not boring, but its oversimplified tone reduces it to a one-dimensional exercise in promoting political dialogue, dividing its time equally between tugging at your heartstrings and stimulating your gag reflex, and occasionally cranking it down a notch to accommodate a smooth didactic soliloquy or two.

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