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The 10 Best Alternate Universes In Sci-Fi

GFR - Whether they’re created by time travel or simply by the possibilities presented by the roll of a dice, some of the best moments in science fiction have happened while hopping between parallel worlds. Sometimes alternate dimensions are a place of unspeakable evil, other times they’re a perfect example of what might have happened had we gotten it right the first time. These are the ten best alternate dimensions in science fiction.

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pomoluese3426d ago

I didn't know Family Guy was a Sci-fi.

alycakes3425d ago

Buffy 'Wish Reality' of course. Gee I miss my Buffy episodes on a daily basis. I have all her series...all seven of them and I need to sit down and just watch them right now but I usually save them for the 110 degree weather in the summer when I don't venture out much.