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6 Actors Who Simply Ruled 2011

From TMP:

Some actors have greatness from the beginning, while some develop greatness overtime. Whatever the case may be, these six actors featured below delivered star performances in a great many films, and were forever in the public eye in this past year. And in my eyes, that is a great achievement worthy of praise. I wouldn't exactly call this a list of the best actors of the year; more like the most popular, most relevant in the public eye. From veterans to newcomers, these are the six actors who established a foothold on their popularity in the year of 2011.

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alycakes3421d ago

For once I have to agree with all your choices. I may have added a few but if you had to break them down to only six that was a good list.

aDDicteD3421d ago

great list. especially for Gosling, Fassbender and Serkins.