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Platinum Studios To Develop 'The Weapon' Into Movie

Coming Soon:
Platinum Studios, Inc. announced today they are now developing a big screen adaptation of comic book series "The Weapon." Scott Rosenberg, CEO of Platinum Studios and producer of Cowboys & Aliens, will act as producer on the film.

"The Weapon" is about a martial arts enthusiast, Tommy Zhou, that has discovered a means to create solid objects from light -- and invented a superhero persona to promote it, The Weapon. Not believing the legends his grandfather told him as a child, Zhou's inventions unsuspectingly make him the target of a millennia-old assassin cult that's convinced he's unlocked the ancient mystical techniques of the Order of Wu-Shi-'The Way of the Weapon.'

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alycakes3427d ago

This actually could be good. I like the idea...never have heard of the character before but sounds interesting. Hope it makes a good movie that everybody likes and is a little different than what we're used to seeing.

darklordzor3426d ago

Sadly, I haven't heard of this character before either, but I'll be glad to have a fresh take on the genre as a whole.

3426d ago