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'X Factor' Shake-up: Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger Out

Paula Abdul is leaving Fox’s The X Factor.

So is fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger.

And so is host Steve Jones.

Sources near the show confirm all three stars will not return for X Factor‘s second season next fall, though Fox has only officially acknowledged the departure of Jones and Scherzinger. The stunning X Factor exodus marks a dramatic day of network reality-show bloodletting.

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alycakes3423d ago

I think this all had to do with the way this show ended and it wasn't on a good note. They all made big mistakes and they knew it....but on live tv you can't exactly take it back but the media sure likes to play it back over and over for all to hear.

Blink_443423d ago

Nicole was a b__ch and the host was a d__k, glad to see them go.

alycakes3422d ago

I think Simon knows he screwed up on that one so he needs to start over again and hopes he gets it right this time or he'll loose his audience.

Blink_443422d ago

They should bring back that judge they had on the first or second episode

alycakes3422d ago

Yes...the British lady..can't remember her name but I liked her...she just didn't get along with Simon as usual. He said that her accent was too heavy and people didin't understand what she was saying but understood every word.

3422d ago