Tom Hardy Says The Bane Mask Was A Challenge While Filming The Dark Knight Rises

CBM - Some people can understand Bane and some people can't. As many of you are aware, this resulted in some mildly annoying internet debate about whether Bane's voice would be tweaked in post-production [it will not]. Apparently, Tom Hardy shares our annoyance with the mask but for him, it was because he was the one that actually had to wear it. However, based on a few words from the actor, the mask didn't bother him too much. In fact, Hardy stated that eventually he got used to wearing the super-tight mask while filming The Dark Knight Rises.

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alycakes3423d ago

I think that is understandable. Can you imagine having that on during all the shooting of the film and retake after retake? They made it look like it was snowing but remember it was really summer when they were shooting those scenes.