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IGN - Alcatraz: "Cal Sweeney" Review

IGN - So far all of these "63's" have been twisted in their own way. Cal Sweeney (played by Smallville's Eric Johnson) is a little different. Yeah, he's a bit like Sawyer from Lost, using his looks and suave skills to con "average looking women" (Madsen is too picky) into doing his bidding. He's ultimately far more wicked however. I'm not sure if that has to do with the pre-programming he may have received before he was sent on his mission. Cal in '63 didn't strike me as a murderer but in present day he seemed to have no issue killing the owners of the safety deposit boxes.

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Blink_443423d ago

This was a good episode

TrendyGamers3423d ago

Alcatraz is on my PVR, waiting to be watched!

alycakes3423d ago

Each one has had it's own little interesting story. I like this show a lot just as long as the stories stay individual and stand on their own.

MorningStar3422d ago

Yeah its a great show hoping for a second season. I think it will be the warden who is behind it all. I like him I'm looking forward to his story as remember its not just the prisoners who disappeared...

3422d ago
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