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The Thing (2011) Blu-ray Review - WGTC

Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. had a steep climb from the beginning. Taking a cult-classic film like John Carpenter‘s The Thing and attempting to make a prequel keeping the exact same name is a ballsy move and Heijningen for the most part doesn’t insult the intelligence of the viewer with his version of the shape-shifting alien from outer space. He plays it fairly close to the path Carpenter already walked in the 1982 film by keeping the same tone established throughout the entire film. The suspense is on high and blood is ready to spill."

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Blink_443421d ago

I know a lot of critics didn't like this movie but I thought it was good and I liked how it ended

TheHip143421d ago

Ya it honestly wasn't that bad. I liked Edgerton's performance

MinimeJer053417d ago

A lot better than it looked. Was surprised that the general audience passed right over it.