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CinemaBlend Reviews One For The Money

CB - One For The Money operates under the notion that its main character is likeable. Unfortunately, she’s not. She’s the type of impulsive woman that runs over ex-lovers with her car and runs over the audience’s good will with her bumbling and selfish approach to life. As the subject of nearly twenty best-selling Janet Evanovich novels, Stephanie Plum obviously has many positive qualities that make her extremely readable, but this adaptation of One For The Money doesn’t take any time to show us those redeeming characteristics. The first time we meet her, the car she can’t afford is being repossessed, she's sassing her well-intentioned parents and making an absolute mess of her life. The events that follow do very little to change that first impression; so, instead of rooting for an assertive heroine trying to learn the ropes of a new profession, we’re annoyed at a pushy woman who should have gotten a job doing anything else.

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